Runner’s Knee

Runner's-KneeRunner’s Knee, aka Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, is a common ailment among runners, but can strike any athlete who does activities that require a lot of knee bending, resulting in pain around the kneecap area. It can range from pain behind/underneath the kneecap to pain when you bend the knee, and can be accompanied by active swelling and/or popping and grinding sensations. Most commonly it is seen in teenagers and those over 30. Runner’s Knee is a serious condition that can result in permanent damage to the patellofemoral joint complex, and should be treated as soon as possible.

There can be several specific disorders that fall under Runner’s Knee, and it is important to diagnose the biomechanical dysfunction causing the overuse. Most commonly a combination of weak thigh muscles, overpronation of the feet (flat arches), and misalignment of the knee and hip are the direct cause of Runner’s Knee.

Treatment of Runners Knee

Treatment for Runner’s Knee can be quite complex depending on how many joints and movement patterns are involved in the cause. You may require myofascial release techniques, or foot orthotics, or strengthening exercises.  As biomechanical specialists, we are capable of determining this to a very specific degree.