Eric And Arisa C.

Dr. Holt is the absolute best chiropractor I have ever been to, bar none. He is ridiculously smart and incredibly good at what he does and I can’t say enough good things about him. Every time I’ve been to see him, I walk away amazed at how much better I feel or know I am going to feel. Compared to other chiropractors I’ve been to, Dr. Holt’s service and skill far outshine the competition: he gives each patient personalized, high quality attention; he knows his stuff and explains everything he does so you feel incredibly well cared for; his approaches and techniques are very hands on and holistic (he’s excellent at identifying and correcting root causes – I loved that he taped my back to help correct/retrain my posture, he gave me the tip to lay on the floor with a heavy book on my stomach for 5 minutes each day to help improve my diaphragm breathing to stimulate my parasympathetic nervous system to reduce stress, and when I mentioned in passing knee issues from having misplaced patellas, he recommended strengthening certain muscles to reduce pain and it worked! these are just a handful of examples.); and you’ll never come in to his office and experience a circuit of drones doing exercises on machines only to be rushed through 2 minutes of adjustments/back cracking, he really takes the time to address all of your symptoms and correct them as thoroughly and efficiently as possible. On top of all of that, he’s an incredibly friendly guy that is super passionate about what he does, and going to him had my back (which has experienced multiple sports injuries from soccer, pole vaulting, snow boarding and cross country) feeling better than it ever has in my entire life. I wish I still lived in Santa Barbara, two years in San Diego and I have yet to find anyone as amazing as Dr. Holt!

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