Maria Velasquez

Absolutely amazing! I came in with a hip problem I had been dealing with for over 2 years and I had seen another chiropractor in town over 40 times without any lasting improvement. Three cortizone shots didn’t help either. I was extremely frustrated and I had scheduled surgery for a hip replacement. I saw Dr. Holt on a recommendation from a good friend who told me to give someone one more chance before I went under the knife. I cannot say how happy I am that I did so! Dr. Holt found so many things wrong with my hip movement that everyone else had missed, and after the first treatment I felt almost 40% better! Today I woke up and even though I felt sore where he had worked my muscles, I was able to walk right away without spending 20 minutes trying to warm up my hip first! I cannot say THANK YOU enough to Dr. Holt.

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