Shamon Walker

I have been going to Dr. Holt for over 2+ years now. I am an extreme sports athlete who continually participates in surfing, parkour, tricking, break dancing, beach volleyball, basketball, and soccer…among others. Dr. Holt has built a great reputation with helping out serious athletes and top athletes as well as those who are just out there in this dangerous world trying to stay fit and healthy. He started out helping me with my sacroiliitis (lower back problems) and not only did he help attenuate my permanent pain at his clinic, but he continually gave me advice on what I could do myself to help improve the health of my core/back. I have taken all of his advice and it continues to improve my everyday life. Every time I find myself with pain, I take a trip back to Dr. Holt to help ease the pain and get my on the right path to recovery. A list of ailments that Dr. Holt has helped me with thus far is as follows: lower back continual pain, upper back slipped disk, meniscus tear in right knee, pulled groin, pulled hip flexor, and kinked neck. I recommend Dr. Holt without hesitation. 🙂

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